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Good afternoon Mark. I wanted to say thank you for the great service you gave us with the screws I ordered yesterday. They arrived this morning, as requested and we were able to deliver them to our customer so he could finish his project. It is as always a pleasure to do business with you all at Sentinel.

They have always been polite, helpful and quick with quotes and deliveries. They are well priced with a large diverse range.

Helped me with your excellent trim head deckscrew to get into the decking market.

Their continued support! I.e. samples, quotes and the willingness to discuss pricing.

Gives good pricing and nothing is too hard.

Sentinel helped bring a new demographic of customer into our store.

They issued quotes without delay and the goods are ready when they say they will be. Plus we love the free pens!

Sentinel always helps with engineering solutions and samples when required.

Sentinel has given us the ability to be more competitive in the security fastener market. They have given us the ability to look at different markets with the ever increasing product range available.

The staff was very helpful in suggesting a product for one of our major customers and organising testing for them.

Hi Mark, I’m liking the sound of this rewards program. Thanks for the kind gesture and I will be on the lookout for some morning tea coming my way! I also forgot to send you an email saying we received the security fasteners and we are very happy with the product. We have already sent out some kits to our customers and they are being well received so hopefully we see some large orders in the coming months!

Sentinel helped me out of a few pickles I have had but the best thing is the amazing biscuits they send!

Sentinel keeps us in touch with the leading technology in security screws.

You helped me out with my customers by letting them call you up! You guys helped them find a solution and then called me back with a part number, a price and I just pass on an order number!”

Sentinel has gone out of their way to look after us and they are always efficient and helpful.

Sentinel goes out of their way to help with any inquiry.

Sentinel sourced imported product ahead of the quoted lead time.

Prompt quoting of custom screw designs.

You don’t sell to my end user.

Sentinel sent goods direct! They send chocolate biscuits; they sent us leads to new business.

The best thing that Sentinel has done, would be the consistency in their delivery service, which is something, along with your new & current product information distribution, that sets you apart from other suppliers.

The service is excellent.

The continuous, prompt service.

Always willing to send out samples.

They jumped into a car and delivered stock straight to our site in Melbourne.

They worked very closely with us in securing a 12 month contract.

Sentinel sent customers to us who had originally contacted them.

Sentinel always gives me honest advice.

They worked with us closely on projects and formed strong relationships with both the end users and the distributor. Plus they gave us a cake!

We received the screws and insert bits today – perfect! Thanks for your speedy service. It help us impress our customers as well!