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Sentinel Drive Thread Forming Bolts

A product that is not commonly know in our range of Security Fasteners is the Sentinel drive thread forming bolt.

Thread forming bolts can be an extremely useful product to use in applications where medium to heavy duty steel needs to be joined on site.  Why would this be….quite simply saving time and therefore saving money!

The unique benefit of using a thread forming bolt is that they remove the need for tapping a hole in the base material or using a bolt and a nut to clamp the material. The shank of these fasteners is specially designed to allow the fastener to tap its own thread into thick steel whilst it is being installed. This is demonstrated in the below video:

As shown above, an added benefit of the Sentinel Drive recess in these particular fasteners mean they provide very high level of security. In fact they are a permanent fastener, there is no tool designed to remove them.


The most important thing to pay attention to when installing thread forming bolts is the pilot hole in the material. Drill the wrong size pilot hole and the install won’t go well. Start by checking the thickness of the material that the thread will be formed in, then refer to this handy drill size chart: Download the chart.

Got any further questions? Need a size that is not standard stock? Contact us.

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