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Maximum Security Fasteners for Auckland’s New Maximum Security Prison

Maximum Security Fasteners for Auckland’s New Maximum Security Prison

When it comes to designing a new correctional facility, nothing is taken for granted, even security fasteners. Around-the-clock security is paramount, as is the health and safety of staff, inmates and the community.

Security risks make sourcing construction materials a challenge that goes well beyond simple generic product selection. After all, highly specific buildings call for highly specialised fittings and fixtures – and security fasteners!

NZ’s New Prison for a New Era

The team behind the Auckland prison redevelopment at Paremoremo found this firsthand when they redesigned New Zealand’s only men’s maximum-security prison.

Built in 1968, the prison’s maximum-security units were no longer fit for housing and rehabilitating inmates.

One of the country’s most significant infrastructure projects; the $300 million development included new maximum-security units housing up to 260 prisoners, a medical clinic, visiting room, training rooms, cultural centre and kitchen.

 Maximum Security Fasteners for Auckland’s New Maximum Security Prison

Safe and Sound Security Fasteners

Housing some of New Zealand’s most notorious criminals, the new facilities had to be designed with safety and security as the highest priority.

The secure environment demanded a range of security fasteners, anti-theft screws and security bolts to prevent vandalism, concealment, injury, self-harm and the ability to repurpose fittings as weapons.  

Unfortunately, the initial product selected by the designers was outdated. The driver tools are readily available to the public at hardware stores and auto parts suppliers; these basic security fasteners now pose a serious security risk.

Reaching out to our expert team for advice, we helped the architects selected a new type of tamper-proof anti-theft screw, the Pentaforce™ security fastener range.

Pentaforce™ Security Fasteners Range

Pentaforce™ high-security screws are a unique design among security fasteners, featuring a five-sided pentagonal recess that blocks standard tool shapes.

Access to the tools is restricted.  Supplied only through authorised distributors, each Pentaforce™ tool is registered using a form, controlling access and misuse.

Pentaforce™ security fasteners are available in machine screws, self-tapping screws, self-drilling screws for steel and type 17s for timber applications.

View the Pentaforce™ security fastener range.  

Download the Pentaforce ™ product guide. 

Forethought Keeps Prison Build on Track

We increased our stock levels of Pentaforce™ products in preparation for the Auckland Prison redevelopment project.

Manufacturing and maintaining extra stock mitigated the risk of inventory shortfalls allowing us to deliver this element of the build on time and budget.

The new and improved Auckland Prison is nearly finished and is expected to be fully operational by mid-2018 when the existing cell blocks at Auckland East close permanently.

Need Advice? Ask an Expert.

Complex projects call for specialist advice.

We design and manufacture anti-theft security fasteners for a range of industries including justice and corrections, defence, government facilities, health, and community services. Our designs are second to none, always keeping our clients one step ahead when it comes to security.

Quick and efficient, we have distributors across Australia and New Zealand, and networks around the world to help you find the right security fasteners fast.

If you’re designing or building a facility where safety is a key concern, but you don’t know what you need, get in touch. We’re happy to point you in the right direction.

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