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Prolok Screwbolts used at Ravenhall Prison

The New Ravenhall Prison

A new prison is being constructed in Melbourne’s western suburb of Ravenhall. The Ravenhall prison, built to accommodate 1000 prisoners is being delivered by Public Private Partnership (PPP) by the GEO Consortium and is expected to be operational at the end of 2017.

A project of this nature provides opportunities for a broad range of companies and as a leader in Security and Architectural Fasteners, Sentinel have been involved supplying security fixing solutions for a number of applications ranging from roofing to access covers and cell fit-out.

One of the most recent products supplied to the project were Prolok Button Head Screwbolts for securely fixing cell furniture throughout the project.

Prolok screwbolts being packed
Prolok screwbolts being packed.
Prolok Screwbolts ready for despatch to Ravenhall Prison site
Prolok Screwbolts ready for despatch to Ravenhall Prison site.


As shown in the below video, the Prolok Security Screwbolt is quick and easy to install and provides a high security finish when a recess plug is fitted. If security isn’t required however, simply don’t install a recess plug and you will be able to remove the anchor in future. These are available in both button and countersunk head styles


Why use Prolok screwbolts?

That’s a worthwhile point to consider, so we’re included a few thoughts on the strengths of this anchor below:

Close to edge fixing ability

A lot of other common concrete anchors fall into the category of “expansion anchors”. This simply means is that the anchor relies  on putting outward pressure on the hole it is installed in to hold it in place. This can be effective, but falls down when the anchor needs to be fixed close to the  edge of a concrete slab because putting outward pressure on a hole close to the edge of a slab is likely to cause cracking. Interestingly this exact issue was experienced at Ravenhall with a commonly used hammer-in type anchor was trialled in grilles that were close to the edge of the precast panel. The problem was solved by installing Prolok Screwbolts which cut a thread into the concrete instead of pushing outwards. Click here to download the tech data sheet showing fixing distances from the edge of concrete slabs.

High Pull-out loads

The thread form on the Prolok Screwbolt anchor achieves an incredibly high pull out load. The images below show these anchors surviving a 3rd party pull out test in fine form with the testing block failing before the anchor. The traditional type hammer in anchor failed relatively early on under the same testing environment.

Screwbolt test block failed at 16.3kN
Screwbolt test block failed at 16.3kN.
Hammer in anchor failed at 4.4kN.
Hammer in anchor failed at 4.4kN.

Ease of Installation

In some instances in prison fitouts, concrete anchors are need to be fixed into confined spaces like inside the shelving units for example. It can be hard to properly install a hammer in type anchor in these areas with limited space to properly swing a hammer. The Prolok screwbolt can be an easier product to install using a drill and then just lightly hammering the recess plug into place.

Does your project require something similar?

Reach out to us if you would like a datasheet or free samples.

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