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Armour Ring

  • Simple conical collar which can be hammered over any standard hexagon bolt head or nut to render them tamper proof.
  • Ultimate security – no tool for removal.
  • Can be applied to existing fasteners – ideal for upgrading security on an existing installation.
  • Stocked in 304 stainless steel and Zinc Plated. Can be painted to match roof sheets colours.
  • Armour Ring to Suit Hex Self Drilling Screws are made to order in galvanised and stainless steel. We do not usually carry stock of this line as they need to be custom-made to suit the batch of screws onto which they are to be applied.
  • Note: Armour Rings are made to suit fasteners manufactured to DIN 931 Standard.

M6, M8, M10, M12, M16 & M20 Product Data Sheet

Part Number AR Category

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