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Pick the right security fastener for the job

Pick the right security fastener for the job

With fasteners being such a critical aspect of any project, it’s also important to make sure that you are using the correct type of fastener for each application.

Anti-theft screws and fasteners can add another layer of complexity to a build.

Before choosing any type of security fastener, ask yourself:

  • What materials need to be joined? Bolts are usually the fastener of choice for metal although some bolts are made for other applications.
  • What is the thickness of the material to be joined? For a secure connection, the fastener must be the correct length.
  • What are the weight and strength requirements?
  • Will the work be indoors or outdoors? There are specific fasteners and finishes for both applications.
  • What are your security requirements? Theft? Injury, accident or self-harm? Vandalism?

Try our solution finder

We know you can’t be an expert on every product, so we’ve created a simple online solution calculator. Just type your specifications in and wait for it to calculate the perfect product or products for the job at hand.

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Levels of Security

Levels of Security

Our fasteners are divided into three different levels of security.

Level one security fasteners are entry-level products that provide basic security to deter petty thieves and vandals. It’s easy to buy a driver tool set to fit these recess shapes from a hardware or auto-parts store.

Level two security fasteners are a step-up. The recess shapes are less common, so tools are not readily available.

Level three security fasteners offer the highest level of protection. This range includes one-way fasteners that do not have a tool for easy, covert removal, so evidence of tampering is left behind by any would be crook.

The UNISET fastener range is unique; its bespoke recess shapes and driver tools can only be purchased by the organisation registered to that shape.

Our security fastener range and design capabilities are second to none. For a more detailed look at our products visit our products page.

Ask the experts

Our specialist team can sit down with you, talk about your project and provide advice about the right fasteners for each application.

If you need something custom, we can make your product stand out with unique head styles and drive recesses.

Contact us today.

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