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Just what the doctor ordered: six areas where fasteners can drastically improve hospital safety

Just what the doctor ordered

When you’re designing or renovating a hospital, mental health or aged-care facility, it’s essential to create a welcoming and safe environment for staff, patients and visitors to aid in recovery.

Starting with a strong foundation of secure hardware and fixtures is critical to reducing the risk of accident, injury and self-harm, as well as general damage and vandalism.

While seemingly obvious ideas, they could very well save the lives of the facility’s inhabitants.

Consider the following design choices when planning a healthcare facility:


Patient rooms and bathrooms

Prolok screw bolts are most popular solution for securing furniture in patient rooms and bathroom fittings, such as toilets, showers, vanities, mirrors and change tables to the floor or walls.

Prolok screw bolts are easy to install, high-strength masonry anchors that feature a patented buttress thread. They are suitable for solid concrete walls and hollow block walls, making them extremely versatile.

Recess plus are available for this type of screw bolt. The plugs effectively seal the recess and render the anchor irremovable.

Find out more about our Screwbolts here


Doors and windows

Trilobe screws are our most popular solution for security screens on doors and windows.

Find out more about our Trilobe Type 17 screws here


Waiting rooms and patient furniture

Tamper-proof and tamper resistant screws are used by many healthcare facilities to discourage thefts, vandalism and misappropriation of desks, furniture and electronic devices.

Fasteners for this area are quite similar to what is used on street furniture – find out more here



The 2 Hole, Torxplus and Tri-Lobular Security Screw ranges have a wide range of fixtures and fittings that can only be removed using specialised tools, preventing damage and vandalism while still providing an attractive finish.

Another great option is our Oval Pan Head Machine Screw, which is made to look like a stud or rivet – easily fooling the untrained eye.

A hygienic stainless steel option also available; perfect for areas that need to be easily cleaned and kept germ-free around the clock.



Clutch head one-way security screws feature a specially shaped drive that allows them to be fastened using a standard slotted screwdriver.

However, the design of the drive slot means they can only be turned in one direction; if the screwdriver is rotated the wrong way, it will slip off without removing the screw.

Clutch head security screws are generally classed as permanent fixings, so they’re perfect for signs and branding.

Find out more about our Clutch Head one-way Self-Tappers


Ask the experts

Our specialist team can sit down with you, talk about your hospital or healthcare facility and provide advice about the right fasteners for each application within your building.

If you need something custom, we can make your product stand out with unique head styles and drive recesses.

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