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Case Study: Auto Accessory Theft Prevented with Level 3 Security Kit

Case Study: Auto Accessory Theft Prevented with Level 3 Security Kit

When a client came to us reporting a form of rampant theft that was plaguing their customers, we knew we had a challenge on our hands. Being no stranger to the importance of security, we knew that we could work together to resolve the issue. It was a novel problem that needed a creative solution.

The Client: A leading supplier of 4WD parts and accessories

Our client is one of the leading suppliers of 4WD parts and accessories in Australia, and one of their most popular items was quite literally being unscrewed from vehicles across the country. While this speaks to the quality of the product, it was bad news for the company.

The client came under fire with a lot criticism online, and they needed to solve this problem before it became worse. Their brand – and their reputation – depended on it.

The Problem: Failure of previous security fasteners

When the client approached us, a specific range of their high quality driving lights had become a popular target for thieves and vandals. Because of their high value, the theft had become widespread, and was not addressed by the security fasteners already in place.

The range of lights in question were being sold with a kit of level 1 security fasteners, which were not adequate to keep the high value products secure. The client needed a new and more comprehensive approach to security, which is why they came to see us.

The Impact: Social media criticism hurts sales and reputation

The backlash was swift and loud. The client’s customers had taken to social media, and their once-respected brand came in for a large amount of criticism. Not only was their company reputation at stake, there was also the risk that sales would be impacted.

The Solution: We design a purpose-built level 3 security kit

The first thing we did was to identify the poor level of security offered by the current kit of security fasteners being offered with the lights. Level 1 fasteners offer the lowest level of security, and can be removed with tooling kits that can be obtained by the general public.

We know that high demand items require a high level of security, so we responded by designing a special purpose-built security kit with level 3 fasteners. The tools to remove these fasteners are not available to the general public, and are highly controlled.

The solution involved a custom four-hole design, a proprietary Pentaforce recess shape and a lock washer. The unique screw design features a special thread patch and an oversize head with serrations, and the washer design prevents loosening from vibration. It is almost impossible to loosen it by twisting the light body.

The Result: The immediate end to opportunistic theft

The results were immediate. Reports of theft and vandalism ceased, as customers started installing the lights using the new level 3 security fasteners. The client’s reputation was no longer subject to criticism and the threat to future sales was mitigated.

We oversaw the packaging and labeling of the products in kit form, and they are now included with the hardware that is now supplied as standard with the premium driving lights. It was a complete solution to a difficult problem.

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